How to choose a mattress

What if you do not know how to choose the right mattress? We will tell you what parameters you need to pay attention to and which mattress is right for you.


Mattress with independent springs
  1. Size

Choosing the size of the mattress, focus on the size of the sleeping place but not on the size of the bed. We do not recommend focusing on the size of the old mattress because it could be deformed.


  1. Stiffness

If there are no medical problems, the choice of mattress stiffness depends on the weight of the person. The heavier the person, the more he pushes the mattress and the more hard the mattress he needs.

Mattress with coconut coir

The weight of a person – the stiffness of the mattress

Less than 50 kg – soft mattress

50-70 kg – moderately soft mattress

70-90 kg – mattress average

90-100 kg – mattress of moderate hardness

100 kg or more – hard mattress


For a person weighing 70 – 90 kg should be chosen a mattress of medium hardness. Remember that for older people need to choose a softer model.


  1. Maximum weight per person

This parameter shows the maximum weight of a person who is guaranteed to support the mattress for each sleeping place.


  1. Choosing a mattress base

Mattresses can be with springs and springless. Mattresses with springs can be divided into dependent and independent. The version with dependent springs is old and classic. It is cheap option. In the independent spring block the springs are not interconnected. These items provide the best orthopedic effect. The mattresses on independent springs are very strong and durable. Springless mattresses do not contain springs and are monoliths of solid material.

The best advice for you: If you do not know what type of construction to choose, choose a mattress on independent springs. This is the most versatile and popular option without specific features.


  1. Choice of fillers

Fillers of mattresses can be both from natural and from artificial materials. In one mattress can be used several fillers.

Artificial materials:

  • Polyurethane foam. It is a popular, resilient material, does not cause allergies and does not absorb moisture, is well ventilated.
  • Artificial latex. Comfortable, resilient material that restores shape well.
  • Eco Foam. Highly elastic high-density foam, a more modern analogue of polyurethane foam.

Natural materials for mattresses:

  • Natural latex. Superior material, made by special technology from the sap of rubber trees. It is elastic and durable, has maximum orthopedic properties. It has a porous structure, and therefore it “breathes”, does not accumulate dust, does not contribute to the growth of bacteria. It withstands heavy loads, provides good support for the spine and provides an anatomically correct body position during sleep. Natural latex mattresses are very comfortable.
  • Coconut coir. Material of hard or moderate hardness, is a natural coconut fiber. It is well ventilated, has high orthopedic properties. It is the best filler for children’s mattresses.

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