Futons and sofa beds – common and different

Comparing futons and sofa beds it was mentioned that both kinds of beds have their pluses and minuses. If we start speaking about common features which futons and sofas have it will be the aim of their usage. Both units are designed to provide a comfortable rest when sitting together with your friends, family members or cuddling with your partner.

However, unlike sofas futon beds are claimed to serve like full units for night rest. They are lighter than sofa beds, felt more comfortable and mobile. The number of futons designs have made this kind of furniture a kind of a home decor. thanks to possibility to change the futon cover, such a bed owner may vary his home interior. Sofa beds are heavier, and they serve more like couches than like beds. Although, if you pull out the bed – stretch it – it will look like a spacious bed. It can be used as a bed, but can’t be recommended for sleeping as the mattresses of sofas are designed mostly for sitting. Futons feature innerspring or foam mattresses. Innerspring units are marked as the most comfortable ones. You won’t mix up futon with a sofa when you see these beds. Futon is more elegant, it features one mattress which can be bent , folded and unfolded. Sofa has pulling out parts, more sturdy, but at the same time less comfortable. Futons may be used as a decor furniture, whereas sofas have more practical usage.

futon sofa bed wooden frame

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