Comfortable interior of living room with a sofa in the style of “Modern”

Modern is a relatively new design that combines the features of antiquity and nobility. A mix of different styles is inherent to the living room in this style. As for any living room, the main part of furniture in the Modern style is a spectacular and comfortable sofa. And the main advantage of the product in this design is a combination of appearance and incredible comfort. But here there are some nuances.

Living room designed in accordance with the style of “Modern” is a cozy and comfortable room which has the necessary functionality. It is quite elegant and practical at the same time. Each element has its own place and purpose.

Sofa in the style "Modern"

The use of “Modern” style to decorate the interior of the living room is quite relevant today.

The main characteristics of the interior style are:

  1. Smooth lines;
  2. Simple and clear design while there are podiums, ceilings and recesses;
  3. Combinations of contrasting colors;
  4. Ideal illumination using different light sources;
  5. Using space zoning techniques;
  6. Using of metal, glass and leather in the finish;
  7. Distribution of design elements along the walls;
  8. Equipping the room with technical functional means – large TV, audio system, air conditioning and other;

This design style has incorporated features of several styles. However, it can be originally combined with a classic or other style.

Simple black sofa

The main shades for decorating the living room “Modern” are green, purple and pearl. However, the most popular colors among designers are white – black or milk – brown. Colors should be muffled but not dull.

Finishing the room must be as simple as possible. You have full freedom in the choice of materials. Marble or oak parquet is perfect for the floor. For walls you can choose decorative plaster, wallpaper for painting or wall panels. As a decor you can use decorative masonry or its imitation on the photo wallpaper or panels.

Furniture for “Modern” is functional and often has the ability to quickly transform. This is especially well illustrated by the example of sofas.

Features of the sofa “Modern”

The main piece of furniture in the living room “Modern” is a sofa. It performs several functions simultaneously:

  • Organization of the main seating area;
  • Using as space zoning elements;
  • Possibility to add space to sleep;
  • Possibility to use the internal design of the sofa as an additional storage system.

Sofas in modern style living rooms should preferably be large. The upholstery is plain without extra décor but small inserts of bright textiles may still be present in the design. Artificial or natural leather is ideal material. Sofas and chairs may not have the same forms but should be harmoniously combined with each other.

Since the “Modern” style is simple and free you should not clutter up the space, no matter how lit it is. It is necessary to provide free access to the sofa from all sides. In this case, in addition to the visual effect, the maximum level of comfort in the living room will be achieved.

10 Photos of the Comfortable interior of living room with a sofa in the style of “Modern”

Green sofa in style modernCorner modern sofa with smoth lines (Italy)Ultra modern corner sofaSoft sofa in minimalistic modern styleSofa without armrestsSofa with futuristic designSofa in the style "Modern"Simple black sofaRed sofa of the original formLuxury leather sofa

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